welcome to state level banker's committee madhya pradesh !




Special SLBC 

 Date          : 22.04.2015 (Wednesday)

Time          : 10.30 a.m.

Venue       :  Conference Hall

             Central Bank of India

              Zonal Office 9,Arera Hills


At a glance                                                                     


The State Level Bankers' Committee (SLBC) has been envisaged as a consultative and coordinating body with all financial Institutions operating in the State. The SLBC comprises of representatives of all commercial banks, chairmen of Regional Rural Banks and financial institutions operating in the State. Representatives of State Co-operative Bank, Land Development Bank, Reserve Bank Of India and NABARD are also invariably invited to attend the meetings of the committees. The concerned State Government officials participate in the meetings of this forum. The committee is expected to discuss issues, consider alternative solutions to the various problems in the field of banking development and evolve a consensus of coordinated action by the member institutions.

Vision of State of Madhya Pradesh


An all-round and all-inclusive development of the state through which the life of citizens can become rich and prosperous and they should have opportunities for putting in their best efforts according to their potential and contributing to the nation's development